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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Beauty Tips for Skin

Beauty Tips For Skin

Every woman like sleek, flat, reasonable skin colour. Whether you are genetically reasonable complexion and brown or black, there are ways to lighten your complexion more. Chemical, herbal, cosmetic, or organic, that to get the desired sound: For hundreds of years, individuals have looked for different agents.

Here are some beauty guidelines to achieve better results. Meals, nutrition, our health care, scrubs, pastes, creams, should do apart from the everyday health care miracle.

Avoid strong sunlight:
Sun light are a great source of supplement D, which is very important for the human bone. However, harsh sun light can be very harmful to the skin.
Premature aging, wrinkles, discoloration of the skin is due to the UV light in natural light.
Prevent going out in the sun 11 to 3 clock.
Use sunscreen with a sun security factor of at least 30
Wearing a mask "Naqab" is best security.

Daily Skin Care: Regular washing, sculpting and treatment of skin is very important.

Cleansing:  Use a cleaner, homemade or ready for your kind of skin.
With medical cleaners for delicate skin, your skin prone to frequent outbursts and allergies.
Use Moisturizing cleaner for dry skin.
For greasy skin use a product that controls excess oil production.

Toning: Toning tightens and shrinks the open pores, are best matched for your kind of skin toner.

Moisturizing: Daily healthy skin care is incomplete without the moisture of your skin properly.
It allows hydrate the skin
It allows the skin to sleek and
It protects the skin from the sun, when it more than 30 spf

Scrub: Exfoliation is the removal of scalp and exposing the fresh, new layer of skin.

Oatmeal together with regular water and ground into a sleek insert is a excellent exfoliant. Implement this insert on the experience in a gentle round motion. Keep it for 15 moments and clean off.
Mix 2 tablespoons chopped raw oats with 1 tbsp of baby and therapy ¼. Create a excellent insert apply on experience in round motions. Keep it for 15 moments and clean your experience.

Fair skin individuals have less melanin, a pigment for different pores and skin. Black colored individuals have more melanin.

Skin whitening creams have hydroquinone in them, which if used inhibits melanin.

Lotions, creams and rich in supplement C to help brighten complexion and regenerate tissues.

The masks for the whitening of the skin:

Eggs & honey:

1 egg white
1 orange juice
1 tbsp honey

Beat the egg whites, baby and fresh orange juice. Implement it on your experience and clean yourself after 15 moments.

Almond oil & honey:

1 tbsp honey
½ tbsp almond oil
1 tbsp orange juice
1 tbsp dairy food powder
1 tbsp milk

Mix all ingredients. Implement it on your experience and clean off after 15 moments.

Dry skin:
Mix equivalent volumes of fresh orange juice and baby. Implement it on your experience and human body. Wash off after 15 moments.
Mix equivalent volumes of fresh orange juice and cucumber juice. Implement it on your experience and human body. Wash off after 15 moments.

Oily skin:

Mix cucumber pulp and yogurt. Create a excellent insert. Implement and let it sit for 20 moments. Wash off after it dries.
Make a insert of papaya, baby and dairy food. Use it on your experience and human body for a few moments. Let it dry and then clean off.

Dark toes and ankles:
Soak toes and legs for 15 moments in regular water combined fresh orange juice.

Dark Elbows:
Rub potato or fresh orange juice for 15 moments and clean off with regular water.

Dark Hands:
Mix of sun flower oil, fresh orange juice and sugar. Implement for 20 moments and rinse with cold regular water.

Dark neck:
Mix 1 orange, 1 cucumber juice and 1 / 8 tbsp of turmeric powdered ingredients. Implement it for 20 moments and clean off with lukewarm regular water.

Dark Lips:
Mix a few drops of Vaseline and fresh orange juice and apply on the mouth at night. Wash them in the morning.
Cut your consumption of tea, coffee and smoking.

Food Diet: A excellent, proper eating plan of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and juices is not only excellent for your health , but also for your skin.

Prevent fatty, spicy and ready made meals.
Eat plenty of green, leafy fresh vegetables.
Fruits such as pears, apples, peaches, guavas, etc., are excellent for the skin.
Include more legumes, cereals and in everyday eating plan.

Talk to a dermatologist for the prescription of drugs, creams for a reasonable pores and skin. Before the application of any cream and lotion for reasonable skin patch test is beneficial because some creams my lead to further problems for your skin.

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